A Thorough 2023 Guide to Kansas LLC Formation Services

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Kansas LLC formation services. As we lead up to the year 2023, it’s important for entrepreneurs and business owners alike to understand the basics of forming a limited liability company (LLC) in Kansas. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing business, this article will provide … Read more

Securing the Necessary Steps to Launch a Business in Kansas

Starting a business can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming and daunting. There are many challenges to overcome, from developing a solid business plan to complying with legal requirements and regulations. However, with careful planning and preparation, launching a successful business in Kansas is achievable. At our firm, we … Read more

What to Include in Your Kansas Articles of Organization for Your Buy-sell Agreement

When my business partner and I decided to form a limited liability company (LLC) in Kansas, we knew we needed to include a buy-sell agreement in our Articles of Organization. This legal document outlines what will happen if one of us wants to sell their ownership interest, becomes disabled, or passes away unexpectedly. The buy-sell … Read more